Fine clothing requires spotless treatment.
We offer the best laundry service in Cambodia | We are stain removal experts and we will make your whites whiter. | Leave your troubles with us. Fast. Reliable. Affordable.
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Our laundry pickup & delivery service in Phnom Penh is the solution you have been waiting for. Here at CleanBlu Laundry our priority is to make life easier for you. This service launders your clothes in professional washer and dryers, and will give you better results than you can accomplish at your home. We service a wide range of customers with a variety of needs. Every customer’s laundry is washed with accurate care by our specialists. We wash, dry and fold each client's clothing separately. Therefore, your clothes will not get lost anymore, because we have got your back covered!

Using the latest high-spec washing machines and technology, we are not only saving your time, but also your water, soap and electricity! With the reliability and flexibility you need, Clean Blu Laundry offers service you want, at an affordable price.

To save you time with logistics and gas, we provide pick-up and delivery services on demand to avoid the hassle of having to carry your dirty laundry. Whatever type of laundry or cleaning service you are in need of, contact us!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. We will separate lights from dark and we will wash all items on a warm/cold setting to provide a clean that is gentle yet effective.
We are flexible. If you miss your day, your laundry can be picked up later in the week, as long as you contact the office and request a pickup time.
We weigh the clothes when we receive them (to the tenth of the pound) and we weigh them when they are completed, so we always know when there is a problem in the system. If you think something is missing, you can tell us and we will immediately investigate.
There is no order minimum for our services.

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  • Not only do my clothes smell wonderful, they came back wrinkle-free. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone.
    Makara Keo
  • I have always been a little nervous to use a laundry but my clothes came back cleaner then when I do it myself.. I absolutely love your service!-
    Jess Khie
  • “What a great laundry! I use the drop off service and I love it.”
    Botum Heng

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